Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

We have summarized the questions. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

Q1 : I’ve never been separated with my child and I’m really worried. Is it going to be okay?

Children worrying about separating from their parents is very natural (Same as parents separating from their parents) 。
On each person, the time and frequency of separation from their child is different. , Since we have fewer and a limited number of students in each class, we can check and watch them properly. We can give some advice and support based on their behavior and on the situation. Once they got used to the class, we would be able to see them grow through their behavior, on how they socialize with other people and on how much they’re willing to help other people.

Q2 : What kind of program do you have?

Our program is also known as ‘Creative Curriculum’ which is based in America andアメリカbeing done in an American. We want them to learn in English and be exposed in an American environment. We have prepared activities that will make them enjoy while learning, and at the same time, it help them develop expressing their emotions, socializing with other people, widen their perception, and be physically improved in a balanced way. English is used with these activities which at first, children repeat what they heard until it has input on their brains, and this is their first step in learning and getting used to English. Especially for 2-3 years old students who are still not used to going to school and being away from their parents for a long time, and seeing foreigners and hearing English are the hurdles that they have to overcome. So for the children to look forward to going to First Learning Yoyogi-Uehara, we made fun activities, well-thought program for them.

Q3 : My child is still small but I want him to learn in a fun way

In order for the children to learn in a fun way, we have prepared a lot of activities forthem. In the classroom, we have this thing called ‘Interest Area,’ where there are areas separated based on their categories which we use toys. These toys attract them and help them know their interests. With them knowing their interests, they will become more curious and independent. We have set it up this way so that while they are having fun, they can learn at the same time. Please do check and see.

Q4 : How many teachers are in the classroom?

he maximum number of students who can join the class is 10, and for 10 students, there will be 2 paired teachers in the classroom, the foreign teacher and the Japanese teacher. The foreign teacher, who has an experience with English will focus on the student’s personality and behavior. The Japanese teachers have their own experiences, in addition to them having knowledge about America’s Early childhood curriculum which is known as ‘Creative Curriculum.’ First Learning Yoyogi-Uehara’s environment is very international that the parents and the children can feel assured about out school’s international environment.

Q5 : Can we know our child’s condition inside the classroom?

Because of the program and the activities that we make, your child will focus and participate in the class. You can also check outside the classroom. Also, after the class, the teachers will explain what happened in the class, and you can have a light conversation with the teacher about your child. And for Preschool students, since our theme is different every month, we send the description and the details of the theme, and send each students condition and progress through mail.

Q6 : I’m confused with the days that I should enroll my child. On what basis should Idecide? Do you have any advice?

We can’t decide for the number of days per week, but if you want your child be good at English, then we recommend twice a week or more. In order for the children to be good at English, he/she should get used to communicating in English and her/his ears should get used to listening to English.

Q7 : I think suddenly enrolling my child to preschool class for 4 hours is long. Are there any ways for them to join the class without attending the full 4-hour course?

Your child can join the half day (for 2 hours) which doesn’t require the payment of the application fee (2 courses) . Attending only the class for 2 hours at first is also a good start for them to get used to the class. Also, we can explain in details about your child’s condition and give some advices

Q8 : Can we apply in the middle of the school year?

You can apply anytime of the year. Each child grow up and develop in different ways. Each class (activities) are very friendly that any child can join any time regardless of their experience and progress.

Q9 : Are there make-up classes?

For better results/progress, we encourage the children to attend their regular classes. However, if it’s on the same course (program) , and if there’s an available seat on a specific date (make-up class date) , then it’s possible. But please do ask us first for confirmation.

Q10 : How should we do Home Learning for English?

It’s really important for the child to get used to English in order for them learn fast and be good with English. So, we advise that your child listen to any English resources every day. We shouldn’t force them to speak and learn English but instead, let them learn English while having fun. There are a lot of English books/CDs/etc. but no matter how good or expensive the English materials are, it’s about compatibility. It is whether that book is perfect for her (age, level) or not. First, we recommend the parents to play English songs at home and then sing and dance with your child.