Silicon Valley Technology

Their way of playing will be different! Children learning Kids programming in English, will help develop their science-based brain and English skills in our fun technology class.

Learning computer programming along with English will help them be a leader in an international community which is why this is considered as one of the important things that kids need to learn and gain. Even if programming is not needed in their future job, with the basics of programming, it can help boost their creativity, logical thinking and strategies to solve problems. These will help develop their brains and it will serve as their advantage. That’s why in our technology class, we use iPad to learn programming in our regular English-based curriculum. Also, their presentation skills will develop with children having to present their finished work, which also includes work made with pair or by group. Those who have been using tablets or PC since childhood are called Digital Native, and with the help of this class, children won’t just learn how to play games or watch video through these devices but also they could learn programming and learn how to make things through these devices which will really enhance their creativity.

Why do we need to learn programming?

  1. Children like using iPad and games! So, children will focus and while focusing, it will also help them absorb and learn more English.
  2. While having fun, their English speaking skill and being a logical thinker which lies under our science-based brain will develop as well.
  3. Instead of just playing games, why not make our own game? Through making things, it will help them be more creative.
  4. Programming is teamwork. Cooperating and making with our friends will them be more social.
  5. Discussing and planning what to do/make, finished projects/things presented in front of everyone and on top of that, learning how to do presentation in English and enhance their communication skills.

Paul Cohen

IT consultant from Australia. Developing educational game apps for kids. Worked with ISLE to launch kids technology class.